Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Gifts

One of the downsides/benefits of being poor is that I got to/had to make all my gifts this year! So here we have...
A selection of bath bombs. The blue ones are scented with gardenia, so have a sort of talcumy smell, rather than something overtly floral, as they are for boys. Each boy will get two - one with a small star shaped soap in the middle, and one with a plastic fly for a nasty surprise! The green one and the white ones are also gardenia scented, but this time with glitter in, for my best friend's little girl. Green may seem an unlikely choice, but she assures me green is her favourite colour, and I aim to please! Finally the yellow ones are neroli scented and have calendula petals in there too:
 Next we have my version of Lush's Ceridrew's Cauldron. I love theirs because the moisturising mixture makes the bath water all milky and soft, and the oats and herbs left in the muslin bag can be used to srcub the skin. So my version is my usual bath bomb mix, plus goat's milk, cocoa butter and either 'rose garden' for girls or 'cookie dough' for boys.
 Then we have the one above packaged as a set of three on the left, then the package on the right was a special baby friendly mix I did for my best friend's baby. Baby has eczema, so I looked for advice on the net, and found that goat's milk and oats are meant to be good for this, so each of these sachets contain this moisturising mix, plus a couple of drops of lavendar essential oil to help her sleep:
 Then we've got an extra special one-off soap again for my best friend's little girl. This one is lavender scented, made with melt-and-pour soap and with some irridescent glitter for a bit of sparkle. The mould was something my dad saved for me, he can't remember where he got it from, which I was gutted about, as the one I've got has a little crack in it :(
 Then we have the bunny ones, plus a cupcake shape of the same mix. The blue ones are scented with eucalyptus and tea tree, and are meant for refreshing tired muscles. Then we've got the browny-coloured one on the right, which is scented with cinnamon and ginger, plus some ground ginger and cinnamon, and porridge oats, a lovely spicey smelling mix for warming achey muscles:
 Here we have two lavender scented hearts with cone flower petals, I put a bit too much die in these and they went too dark for my liking. And two cupcake shaped neroli-scented soaps, again with calendula petals. Plus some bath creamers - these were really tricky as they seemed too greasy but I just went with it and I think they turned out ok. Again scented with neroli and containing calendula petals, this is like the bath bom recipe but with cocoa butter, shea butter and cornflour.