Giveaway wins!

I started this page to keep a record of the things I win in giveaways, more as a record for myself than anything. I seem to have been really lucky so far, and won some lovely things! It also gives me a chance to link to the lovely people I have won things from, and I hope you will go and check out their blogs!

There was the fabrics to make a wallet, which I won from Diana at from blank pages:

The 'fuglies' (I think they are beautiful!) I won from Helen at Indianna Dreams:

There was the lovely coffee pot fabric I won from Susan at Canadian Abroad:

The Easter fabric I won from Fiona at Finding fifth:

The Japanese fabric I won from Maria at Not only quilts:

Thank you to all these lovely, lovely people for giving me the chance to win such beautiful things! The thing with giveaways is, not only do you get to win free fabric (as if that's not already the best thing ever!), but it often also isn't stuff you would choose yourself, so it helps you step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Plus you get to make new friends along the way!