Thursday, 5 April 2012

Confession time!

Ok, it's time to 'fess up - I've been a very naughty blogger. You see, I haven't been entirely truthful with you :( basically I have a few more projects on the go that I haven't owned up to, so when it looks like only a few projects have been neglected on my WIP Wednesdays, it's actually a few more :(

What happened was, this popped up on my reading list:
...and I thought 'wow, what a fab idea!' I HAD to know more. So I pootled on over to Cut to Pieces to find out more, and followed the link to Just Three at Traceyjay Quilts. The idea is, to stop herself being overwhelmed by projects, Traceyjay will set herself 3 things to complete by the end of each month. Sounds great, yes?

Well that got me to thinking what I would like to complete, and I realised that before I could narrow down my WIP Wednesday list, I would need to make it a full and complete list of every project on the horizon. *cue embarrassed look*

So here is my new, 'improved', fully truthful WIP list (the 'new' additions are the ones with pictures!):
In progress:
New York Beauty Quilt Along
'Binkies on Broadway' baby quilt
 Nicey Jane quilt-as-you-go
Flower quilt made from leftovers of Oasis by Three Sisters jelly roll
Bali Pops Peace Medallion
Cafetiere cover with fabrics won from Canadian Abroad
Brown and pink bag:
Alphabet baby quilt:
Batik mini quilt:

Not started yet:
Butterscotch & Rose jelly roll quilt
Hunky dory jelly roll quilt

So from those I am going to choose 3 to focus on at a time. Not 3 a month like Traceyjay, but 3 to focus on at any one time, and then if one gets finished I can replace it with another off my WIP list.

So my first Just Three are:
  1. New York Beauty Quilt Along
  2. 'Binkies on Broadway' baby quilt
  3. Brown and pink bag
Wish me luck!

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  1. Sometimes it is very helpful to limit your field of vision. (lol that is why they give horses blinders)

  2. *slaps hands* Great idea to focus on three then add another when one is done =D