Monday, 2 April 2012

New York Beauty Week 5

Well, it's week 5 for everyone else:

Sew Sweetness

Check out this week's tutorial at In Color Order. However, I've only just finished week 3:

*sigh* but I'm pretty proud with it so far. Add that to two of these:

And that's where I am at. I think what I will do is sew them together in matching blocks of four, and then sew my 9 favourite blocks into a square lap quilt and the remaining block can be a mini quilt. I have noticed that there are two distinct hues emerging, one much warmer, and one bluer. Had you noticed that too? So alternatively I could do two mini quilts each with 20 squares, but then I'd only have half a circle of each design. Hm, decisions, decisions!

I'm linking up with Manic Monday at Sew Happy Geek:

Sew Happy Geek


  1. I've got to try to get to week 3's...things getting in the way, oh btw I wanted to enter your giveaway cos it could've gone to my bro's addy but it didnt show up on GFC :o( then I saw it 20 mins after you posted, Im drawing it in 20mins :O(

  2. Beautiful, beautiful work! This looks amazing!!

  3. These look brilliant, well done! I really like the mix of warmer and cooler tones, it just adds another level of interest.
    If you don't want to make a mini quilt with the extra block you could always turn it into a cushion?

  4. They look great! You've made a lot of progress!
    You're right about the colour tones, but they look good together =D

  5. You are doing very well with these, they must be very time consuming.