Monday, 20 August 2012

Dress a girl around the world

Did I share this picture?

Have just had a look back through my blog and I can't see it. Anyway, apologies if I've already shared, but can you spot this dress?
Yep, I made it! I was so chuffed when I saw this, I cried! I have just bought some fabric to make more dresses. I would love it if I could persuade more people to take part. Check out the campaign at Dress a girl around the world.


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for letting me know about such a great organization/idea.

  2. The children look really pleased with their new dresses.

  3. The girls look wonderful in their dresses and yours looks great. Can you provide the information for Dress a Girl please.

    Cheers Pauline

    1. The link is at the end of my post, if you click on 'Dress a girl around the world' x

  4. So pleased you saw a photo of your dress being worn. Thats fab! x