Sunday, 19 August 2012

Festival of Quilts pictures #2

Let's start this off with a bang, I think this was my favourite quilt:
Absolutely stunning!

And my second favourite:
The photo doesn't do it justice at all!

I also love-love-loved this one. Under the sea scenes have a tendancy to be all bright turquises and oranges, which is my favourite colour mix, but what I loved about this one was it's muted and realistic colours, and that totally doesn't lend itself to photographing well:

Speaking of orange and turquoise, this one is simple in its design, but my favourite colour mix, and some lovely quilting:

And then a few more that just caught my eye:
...and a close-up of the quilting on that one:

My mum's favourite (with her next to it!):

And one that's given her inspiration for a stash of white and blacks that she's had for a while:

And the best bit, my haul!

So here we have:
A2 cutting mat £12.95
3.5x12 ruler £11.95
Glue £4.50
Masking tape £1.75
Red and white guttermann thread (about) £5
2 pieces of template plastic £1.30 per sheet
Bundle of 4 FQs for £6 (more beautiful in real life!)
Curved safety pins £3.95
4m peach with yellow spots, £8!!!
2m pale blue, £3!!!
Heart hangers, 5" wide were £2.75 each, 7" wide was £3.60
FQ pale blue with toys, £1!!!
Pack of scraps (quite substantial ones, mind) £4.50!!!
Measuring guage £3.95

I could have bought so much more, I think I was quite a good girl really! The big pieces of fabric are to make more dresses for Dress a girl around the world, and the baby fabric is the first of several FQs to make more bags for Beads of Courage.

A closer look at the scraps:
...and at the FQ bundle:
I see these being made into little clutch purses or cosmetic bags.

So there we have it, over for another year :( I enjoyed it so much though, I am thinking of going to another, smaller one, like Harrogate or Chilford/Duxford.


  1. awesome quilts, you were so lucky being able to go, so jealous :) are you planning on Fat Quarterly 2013 ?? would be great to meet

  2. What gorgeous quilts and lovely purchases - sounds like the perfect day! I bet it was really inspiring. Really hoping to go next year, as my son will be old enough to be left for the weekend then. Would be great to meet up too :-)

  3. Thanks for a fab round up.
    I love the Shadows quilt with the quotation.
    Nice haul.

  4. Wow an interesting haul there! Hope to see you blogging more to show off what you make with it all =D

  5. Looks great. So wish I could have come.

  6. Looks like you bought some good stuff and the quilts are brilliant....beter than I can even draw!