Saturday, 8 October 2011

A friend in need!

Ok, so a friend of mine has mentioned she has a problem with recurrent thrush, and from reading through the therapeutic qualities of my oils, I found that a few of them can help with thrush. So I decided to make her a bath bomb!

I did this on a Friday night, so I didn't want to make a whole batch, so I cut down the quantities. I used 200g bicarb and 100g citric acid. This made enough for two medium balls.

To this I added a touch of cosmetic grade white irridescent glitter. I then added about 1/3tsp of scent, made up of 15 drops bergamot, 15 drops lavender, 10 drops tea tre and 25 drops lavender...well that was the idea. But loads of the droppers don't work, and I got stressed, so a lot of guestimating went on! I think the end blend had more lavender than anything else - it certainly smells like it.

Anyway, I had the inspired idea of putting the dye in my spray bottle, hoping this would avoid the clumping problem. So I used 1/8tsp blue and 1/8tsp red dye, and mixed it with some water in my spray bottle. Problem is, it turns out I used two much water, as when I went to check on the bath bombs, about an hour after taking them out of their moulds, this had happened:

They had swelled up and become all misshapen! It's difficult to see without a comparison, but basically they have swollen and also gone flat from sitting on a flat surface. They are also very sticky. So I definitely put too much water in this mix. I think next time I should add the dye to the carrier oil instead of water, as this won't make the bicarb and citric react as much. But the spraying definitely works, as you can see the colour is much better blended this time.

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