Saturday, 15 October 2011

Right - you can't keep a good girl down, as they say, so today I have come up with a failsafe plan. The two problems I have had were 1 - when the bombs swelled as they dried, making them all distorted and 2 - when they got stuck in the moulds. So my plan is to take them out of the moulds straight away, thus avoiding problem 1, and then place the spherical ones in silicon cake cases on a cupcake tin, so that if they do swell they will still look pretty, and put the flat backed ones on a chopping board to dry.

So todays recipes were my third go at the blend for my friend (I'm a poet and I don't know it!) and a new one I will explain in a minute.

Oooh, and I've also noticed a gritty feel when these are used in the bath, so neither of today's recipes have glitter in, just to see if that's all it is, or whether it's a problem with the dry ingredients.

So, friend's recipe (the one for thrush) is:
  • 75g citric acid
  • 150g bicarbinate of soda
  • 0.4ml bergamot
  • 0.2ml lavender
  • 0.1ml tea tree
  • 0.5ml jasmine
  • 2.5ml red dye
This made half a heart, a medium ball and a mini heart in the ice cube tray. I also sprinkled red rose petals in each mould before adding the mixture. You'll notice I've doubled the quantity of dye, as it just wasn't colouring the mix enough. However, as this is the only water-based ingredient, I presume it's this that's causing the mix to swell, so I may have to consider powdered dye in the future.

And today's new recipe, I've decided to call 'Sunshine on a rainy day' as the colour is a lovely warm yellow, and it just made me sing this song.
  • 75g citric acid
  • 150g bicarbinate of soda
  • 0.2ml lavender
  • 0.1ml ylang ylang
  • 0.4ml jasmine
  • 0.7ml palmarosa
  • 1ml orange dye
  • 1.5ml yellow dye
  • about 0.5tbsp dried calendula petals
This mix made one medium ball and one small ball, which is weird as this amount would usually make two medum balls with some left over. It's a mystery!

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