Sunday, 9 October 2011


Just wanted to make a note to remind myself of some changes I need to make. I used one of my heart shaped bombs last night. It was nice and fizzy, and I'd put glitter hearts in the middle which burst out at one point, that looked really pretty. The scent needs a bit of tweaking - there was an overwhelming smell like tea or bread, need to have a sniff through the oils I used and see what I used too much of. The water also felt too plain, I think I need a butter or a carrier oil in there to give an overall moisturising quality to it. Something light though, I hate when the water is greasy. There wasn't enough colour in there either - it didn't change the colour of the water at all.

So just for good measure I put half of one of the new Lush ones in, I think it's called Rocketeer. It's bright blue with an orange centre. It smells glorious - it's scented with gardenia - and it has popping candy inside. It fizzed much more slowly than mine, and left a creamy bubbly residue on the surface of the water. I think this is achieved with cream of tartare and sodium laureth sulphate, so once I am happier with my basic blend, I might try adding these components to see what difference it makes.

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