Monday, 11 June 2012

A 241 tote finish

Remember the fabrics I won from Maria at Not only quilts? Well I finally got around to making them into a bag! I chose Noodlehead's 241 tote after seeing it everywhere in blogland, and I have to say I am in love! This pattern is so easy to follow, with pictures for every step, and a few variations so you could make a different bag every time! But without further ado here she is, isn't she beautiful!

And look at the contrasting lining - love it! I couldn't imagine how to do this, but the instructions were so clear it made it easy:
And the inside pocket:

Oh and my daddy came round to play with his boats in the bath again:

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p.s. Note to self: remember to come back and check out these patterns later!


  1. Hm, I really should make that button smaller for next week! Your bag looks fantastic. I'm very tempted that pattern as well.

    1. That's my fault, it came out about 1inch wide first time, so I made it bigger, sorry!

  2. The bag looks great! I love the day soon I'll buy it. Ha boats in the bath! =D

  3. Wow!! It looks really great, such excellent use of the fabrics! So happy they where put to purpose so quickly =D

  4. I love it! A project for me over the summer, I think.

  5. Oh it's gorgeous! Looks roomy too (which for me is very important, lol)

  6. I keep debating about buying the 241 pattern. Are the outside pockets useable? They look like things will fall out?