Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dear everyone-going-to-the-FQ-retreat

I hate you. Every last one of you. Okay, I don't hate you, I am just so insanely jealous I could cry. Have an amazing time and take loads of photos so I can live vicariously when you get back! and try not to tell too many 'you had to be there' stories, or I'll be like...


  1. First laugh of the day and man it was a good one! Thanks!! And sorry you can't be there.

  2. ROFL
    Or at least I would ROFL if I wasn't so damn ill :0(
    I should be there, but since I caught the most horrendous tummy bug in the night, it looks like I definitely wont be now.
    Gutted :0(
    So me and you can commiserate together if you fancy it (though obviously you at a safe distance from my evil germs).

  3. I'm going to put the ear plugs in. Not listening. Not listening. Not listening. Shall we get the wine out later and moan together?

  4. I feel completely the same! I would love to be going but for a number of really dull reasons it wasn't practical this year. Hopefully it will become an annual thing!

  5. Lol, I feel the same! Maybe next time?

  6. *Hugs* I missed out too! Hopefully we can get in on the next one! =D