Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cash Envelope Finish!

I have finished my Cash Envelope for the competition over at 'from blank pages'. Thanks again to Diane for the fabrics and materials!

So here it is:

 I only use 4 pockets as I wanted it slightly less bulky. I am thrilled with the finished product, definitely the most complicated thing I've ever made!

Oh and a gratuitous bunny pic, now he's feeling better:


  1. So glad the handsome rabbit is feeling better.

  2. So cute! Both the bag & the bunny.

  3. It looks amazing! Think you can whip up one extra for me? Glad to see bunny up and about =D

  4. what a darling bunny, and your pouch is super cute! thanks for linking up to my 12 in '12 Challenge!