Monday, 5 March 2012

Modern Mini Challenge Entry

Modern Mini Challenge
Ok I was really in two minds about entering as I'm pretty new to this quilting malarkey, and have only designed a few things without copying at least parts of a pattern from somewhere, so the thought of going up against published authors and the like is very daunting! But I figured you've got to be in it to win it, and even if I don't get a prize, I will at least get to share my work with a few more people.

So here is my entry:
I bought the fabrics at Chilford last year. I knew I wanted to make something for my kitchen, and when I saw the tea cup fabric I had to have it! I then spotted the cherry one in the same range, then got the blue gingham and the red spots to make a set. I took the tea cup fabric as inspiration:
And this gave me the idea for the overall design. The finished item is 19x20 inches. Here's a few close ups of the hand-quilting:

 And I added these cute little tab tops so I could hang it up:

Good luck to everyone taking part!


  1. Oh My! This is adorable! I love your little appliques - the teapots, cupcakes, and cups, especially with your hand quilting. You chose the cutest fabrics. Beautiful layout, and the blue check inner border and binding just makes it all pop.Very nicely done. And I love the pull tabs. Great Work!!

  2. Libby that is sooo cute!!! I love the fabrics! and the cute little 9 patches are adorable!!
    Have you seen this? you should join in too =D

  3. It's gorgeous. Love the fabrics. Well done you!