Saturday, 31 March 2012

I won't hear a word against Royal Mail!!

Wow, what a day for parcels! Firstly these, from Doughtys, to continue with my New York Beautys:
These were really good value, at around £1.75 per long quarter.

But what I'm really impressed about is that I ordered these fabrics at 3pm yesterday from Needle and thread and Carole's Crafts and they arrived in this morning's post! Not signed for, not special delivery, just first class post and here they are:
I love love LOVE them, they are for a baby quilt for a colleague. I have bought this pattern:
Can't wait to get started!

And finally, the fat quarter I won from Canadian abroad arrived today:
I love it, and am going to make a cafetiere cover and either mug rugs or tea caddy covers with it. Thanks Susan!

I'm going to draw the giveaway in about 20 minutes - if you haven't already, you still have time to take part :)


  1. What gorgeous fabrics!!! I love it when orders arrive quickly! =D