Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Catch-up time!

Oh my goodness! I have been such a bad blogger :( I'm sorry guys! I have just had so much going on! First it was Mother's Day, and I spent the Friday night and Saturday trying madly to get my mum's present finished, but I was very pleased with the result:

I followed this tutorial again (remember my lilac one?), but made it a bit taller so that my mum would be able to fit her rotary cutter in there as well. She was really pleased with it :)

And I made a 3 course meal, so Saturday night was cooking the caramelised onion and goat's cheese tarts and the creme brulees, then on the Sunday morning it was over to my best friend's for her little girl's first birthday. Here she is enjoying wotsits, cheese sandwich and chocolate cake at the same time!
Isn't she beautiful! <3 It's all I can do whenever I see her not to steal her away! Oh and here's the card I made her:

Then it was back to mums to cook up my lamb shanks:
They were yummy!

Me and my mummy:

And more importantly (for you guys anyway!) her beautiful quilts! These three are going off to Denmark to three beautiful children who I hope will treasure them!

And since then I had my job interview, which I posted about (I got the job, whoop!) then this weekend just gone was my mum's birthday so I got all my cardmaking stuff out to make her a card, and got a bit carried away and made about 8 cards! Then we went out for a meal on Saturday night, so no sewing then. Then Sunday my partner was in a tug 'o war competition for Sports Relief, so I was out for a few hours, then when I got back I made about 15 more cards, so STILL no more sewing!

Then on Monday night I just couldn't pull enough brain power together to do any sewing, so I sat and mindlessly knitted my way to finishing my first ever scarf! My first attempt at knitting a couple of years ago is legendary in my family! I kept starting with 20 stitches, and by the 7th or 8th row I'd have 37 or so stitches! My mum thought it was hilarious - she'd heard of people dropping stitches, but not finding new ones! But I finally did it, and here's the finished result!
Not a great picture, but you get the idea!

And then I think that's us all caught up! :)


  1. Wow, it sounds like you've been very busy! Your mum's quilts are beautiful, I'm sure they'll be appreciated.
    Well done on the scarf too - my own only attempt at knitting is legendary in our family too, and I haven't had the energy to try again, so well done!

  2. Wow you've been busy! Glad to see you haven't left the planet! Those quilts look amazing. Great work on the scarf!! =D

  3. congratulations on getting the job xx Wonderful picyures... and times x