Sunday, 26 February 2012

5 dresses done!

Following on from Friday's success, I have now finished 5 dresses for:

I am thrilled with them too, here they are:

My major 'trying new things' with this one was the zig-zag stitch to neaten up the raw edges. I couldn't understand why my zigzag stitch would work on the main body of the fabric, but when I tried to use it on the edges, it would all pull in on itself. So my new thing that I tried? Reading the instructions (I know, like duh!) Apparently there is an actual special foot for this - who knew? (Yes yes, all the rest of you, whatevs, yeah?!)

Also, new - making my own binding! I had read a warning that with these little dresses being sent off, and being in a climate so different than ours, there was a risk of shop-bought binding shrinking disproportianately to the rest of the dress, so I thought I'd best bite the bullet and make my own. It really worked out well too, as it meant I could pick the fabric, rather than having to just choose a vague colour match.

Oh and a little side note, I am the queen of mending rather than redoing, restarting or the dreaded (and a swearword in this house) *whisper it* unpicking (ahhhhhhh!). Notice the cute little flower on one of the purple dresses? That was to cover a mark that came of the iron from all the spray starch I have been using recently. Just a little tipe for you there. If you're really good, I'll show you how I use seed beads and sequins to cover botched patchwork points ;)

And finally, a fluff piece (ba-bum-tsh!), the boy has been frightening the life out of us this week with 'the dead-bunny flop':

Those 'in the know' will be aware that this is a happy flop that bunnies do when they are really relaxed and, well, happy, but it can really scare you! Every time we have to check he's breathing!

Hope you've all had a relaxing weekend!

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  1. The dresses are so adorable love them all! Ha the bunny really does look like it's dead. That must be freaky to walk in and see

  2. Dresses are gorgeous.

    What do you mean "botched patchwork points"? There ain't such a thing - it's called Liberation!

  3. I just love the trim on the purple dress. Thanks for sharing!

  4. what a lovely idea! x the girls who receive your dresses will be very lucky! x

  5. Your dresses are beautiful. Chris xx

  6. lovely dresses libbyand i haver read some more of your post below and i sometimes feel similar, the disassocaition from reality is quite scary at times. but you obs still have your sense of humour which i find is what keeps me going. i'm now a follower. louise xx

  7. Beautiful dresses such a fantastic cause and love the pics of Mr Beau Jangles in the bunny flop pose he's so cute :)
    I am now following.
    Hugs Rachael xx

  8. We had a wild bunny do that once just outside our kitchen window. I watched him all day and thought he must be dead. I sent my dh out to collect the carcus and he up and ran away!

    I hope he is feeling better today.