Saturday, 11 February 2012

My bunny boy

Ok, so today I have made some snuggle safe covers! If you haven't heard of a snuggle safe, it's like a hot water bottle for animals. It's a solid round thing that you pop in the microwave, and it's safe because your animal can't chew into it like they would a hot water bottle. So I have one for my bunny, which leads me nicely into a little introduction!
This is Mr Beau Jangles:
A friend of mine got him when she was very depressed, but quickly realised a bunny wouldn't fit in with her lifestyle, so we took him in... best decision I ever made! He is an absolute sweetheart! It took a while for us to get to this stage...three years in fact, but he will now come to us for attention and can't get enough of you stroking his face and ears! He was originally called Miss Sophie Jingles! It wasn't until he went in to be spayed that we discovered she was in fact a he, and 'Mr Beau Jangle' became! So that's why my blog is so-named, in case you were wondering!
So I made a snuggle safe cover for him, and had lots of fleece left over, so I've made 5 more and I'm hoping to pass them on to a rescue, either for their own bunnies or for some fundraising:


  1. Mr Bea jangles is a very cute honey bunny for sure.

  2. Great story, he is certainly a gorgeous boy.