Friday, 24 February 2012

Dress a girl around the world finish!

I am so pleased, I have finally made a start on making dresses for 'Dress a girl around the world'. I am so excited to take part in this, as we don't have a lot of money, so we tend to restrict our donations of money (My friend Caroline's rabbit rescue and another bunny lover Liz's rabbit sanctuary being the main beneficiaries, please check them out!). So to be able to make a difference to children on the other side of the world, AND get to make stuff! What could be better!

Plus I love this pattern! I'm not going to lie, I found the instructions a bit tricky, no offence at all to Vanessa at {lbg studio}, I am PANTS at following instructions! I usually don't even try, I make it up as I am going along!

Anyway, enough waffling! Here's my creation:
I am pretty pleased with it! I made a few notes on the pattern as I went along, and there's a few things I would do different next time, but I am on a roll now, and intend to do a few more over the weekend!

This is my official TGIFF as I actually finished it today, so I am linking up with:


  1. I am so glad you linked this up. I have been looking for a tutorial for pillowcase dresses. Thank you.

  2. It's beautiful! Some little girl is going to love wearing that dress. What a great cause... :o)