Monday, 13 February 2012

Two projects finished!

I have had a pretty productive day, if I do say so myself!

Firstly I made 4 bags for the Beads of Courage Campaign ( This is a really great cause and I'm so pleased I will be able to contribute in some little way. Here are my contributions:
The instructions to make these little bags are on the website, at the address above, and they are a doddle to make once you've done one. It takes 2 fat quarters and 54in of cord to make each one, so a great stash-buster, and a great cause, so I encourage you to go to the website, check it out and get involved.

Secondly, I have made my first foray into the world of tutorials! A couple of years ago when I bought my partner his portable hard-drive, I promised him I would make him a little pouch for it. In due course I bought the fabrics - he's a bit of a film buff, so I got a lovely set of four pieces of fabric (roughly fat eighths) on a movie theme: popcorn, ticket stubs, etc... which then languished in my stash until today. Naughty, naughty!
But today I have not only finally made him his little pouch, but made a tutorial for it. So here's the finished article:
...and if you'd like to make your own, just pootle along to my tutorial page to make your own!

And finally... MY PARTNER GOT A JOB!!! WHOOP!! After being unemployed since last September, which has been an enormous strain, he has finally got a new job, and he's really looking forward to starting on Wednesay (and I'm really looking forward to having him out of my hair so I can get onto some serious sewing!). So well done baby, I never lost faith in you! xx

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