Thursday, 16 February 2012

What a rubbish day :(

Following the superb start to the day, with winning the Cash Envelope Sewalong giveaway (see below), everything went downhill. I think good luck in one area of your life must be compensated for by bad luck in other areas!

I have achieved NOTHING today, apart from mithering myself into such a state that as soon as I got to my mum's I burst into tears.

You don't care, because I find it weird enough that anyone else would want to read about my crafting, to think anyone will want to read about my rubbish day is beyond belief. But I am going to tell you anyway, so you can BLIMMIN' WELL LISTEN, ALRIGHT?! (ok possibly still some pent up frustration there).

The plan for today was to focus on getting some work done. I am a teacher so on half term at the moment, and have so far done nothing. BUT I hadn't realised I was nearly out of medication, until I didn't have a tablet to take last night...cue hastily organised trip to the doctors. However, without my tablet, I have really bad withdrawal symptoms - vivid nightmares, night sweats, sleep paralysis. Meaning I don't sleep properly, wake up exhausted, end up napping, still have the symptoms when I nap. So by the time I finally got up at 11:30am I was still exhausted but also rather emotional. Landlord inspectionw as due 11:30-12:30...they never showed.

So toddled off to the doctors - further side effects include dizziness, nausea, inability to think straight and a feeling of disassociation from reality. Not nice. Got prescription. Dispensary doesn't stock the item. Went to the other chemist in town. They didn't have it. Went to the next town, they didn't have it. They rang three other towns, they didn't have it. One of the chemists was shut for lunch (who shuts for lunch?!? Blimmin' rural bum, nightmare more like, *chunter, chunter*). Tried to go to post office to post some parcels, also shut for lunch.

By this point my nausea etc plus my frustration and anger were bubbling up to dangerous levels, so I texted my dad, pretty much saying 'Daddy, help me!' Went round to my parents' to create a list of potential chemists...wouldn't you know it, the first I try has it! Bingo, I think, this day is finally turning around, turn for home, nearly there... forgot to get petrol. So around I turn, back to town, fill up the car, go to pay...card declined. Tried again, declined again. Had to ring dad to come and save me. So it got to 5pm without my having achieved anything.

So then I sat down to do a quick make so I could at least have achieved something today. I found a roll of fabric strips I forgot I had, and they have inspired me, I have an idea for the modern mini challenge that I am super excited about. However, it involves the Dresden plate, which I have never done not such a quick make after all. Am now trying to find a tutorial that doesn't use a Dresden plate ruler...yes because I have a different ruler for every conceivable block I may or may not choose to do *chunter, chunter* (can you tell I am still stressed?!)

Oh AND I am going to have to spend all of the next two days doing work after today's fiasco... *wanders off, chuntering incoherently*


  1. I have days just like yours :O( I made a dresden the other week without a ruler, its really quite simple, there was a tutorial blog... try

    hope tomorrow is better :)

  2. Hope today is better than yesterday. We all have days like yours.

    Can't help you with the Dresden Plate I'm afraid. Don't "do" precise quilting LOL.

  3. Dang. Hope all is better now.